Monsoon Rains in Southern China Cause Severe Flooding

Monsoon rains have been feasting on the southern provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Fujian China which caused flashfloods and landslides. The heavy rains brought about by the monsoon has displaced more than 8,000 people in Southern Guangdong province and left 29,000 people isolated in Guizhou province.

The unrelenting rains and thunderstorms have been heavily hitting Southern China since Saturday and has brought about lots of damage in property – tearing up houses and sweeping vehicles away. Reports have also stated that at least 14 people have already been reported dead due to floods.

Here’s a video showing just how severe the situation is in China right now:

The monsoon season usually hits the southern provinces of China in May, June and July. However, the recent heavy rainfall has been one of the worst that China has experienced. The downpour of 130mm of rain in less than 3 hours has contributed to the surge of water in the river banks of China.

Reports state that that water levels in some major rivers are higher than the 1998 flood in which 180 million Chinese were affected by the high levels of water.

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