Award Winning Photo Generates Buzz With False Backstory

A certain award winning photo has been generating a lot of buzz in social media lately because of its extremely sad backstory. When I first saw the photo, I was immediately struck with awe and pity. But the backstory was what really forced me to click on the Facebook reaction buttons.

The Headline: This photo won the award for best photo of the decade and led the photographer into depression.

Award winning photo of a mother deer sacrificing herself
Award winning photo of a mother deer sacrificing herself

The story: The cheetahs chased a mother deer and her two fawns (baby deer), the mother could’ve easily outrun the cheetahs but instead she offered herself to the cheetahs so that her kids can manage to run to safety.

In the picture, she is seen looking at her babies running safely as she is about to get torn into pieces… A mother’s love knows no bounds.

That was definitely a pretty heartbreaking stroy and if id doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will. I immediately hit the teary-eyed smiley and searched for more news about the poor mama deer. After searching, I found out that the reality wasn’t as dramatic as one would hope for.

Here are my findings:

1. The animal being prepared for supper by the cheetahs was an impala, and not a deer.
2. The real mom here is the cheetah. She was trying to teach her young ones to hunt and kill prey. She held the impala by the neck and let her babies try and pounce on the impala.
3. The photographer – Alison Buttigieg did not become depressed. He just wanted the viewers to sympathize with the impala. Although the animal was so shocked with what was happening, it still managed to show defiance in her eyes and grace as she was being killed.

The photograph is still sad but it’s not as far fetched as the false backstory circulated in Facebook. Here are more photos of the kill:
cheeta kills impala

cheetah kills deer award winning photo

award winning photo of deer and cheetah

award winning photo of impala killed by cheetah

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