Abandoned Dogs – Before and After

Dogs deserve to be loved. They deserve our protection. They deserve to be treated well. However, there are a lot of dogs who have been neglected by their owners. Fortunately, there are still some good people in this world who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

A starving dog who couldn’t stand up makes an incredible transformation after 7 weeks of treatment.

A puppy who was saved from a fire, of which 75% of his body suffered burns was adopted by a firefighter and became a fire fighting dog.

An abandoned dog was suffering from extreme malnutrition until it was rescued. After 3 months, he already looked majestic.

Augustus was full of scabby mange before he was rescued by his current owners. He’s now one fine dog.

A pup was tied up outside a store. It was abandoned and suffered from severe mange and eye infection. It has grown into a fine pitbull.

Another dog suffering from severe mange was rescued and now craves belly rubs.

This pup was saved from the pound by a kind couple. She was suffering from Demodectic Mange over most of her body, had terrible skin infection and Pneumonia. She’s now a beauty.

This poor thing was found living in a trash pile. She was severely injured and could barely walk. She was rescued and is now happily living in her new home.

Little Copeland before and after rescue.

This little guy was found in the streets of Montreal. It was so filthy that it was hard to tell that he was a dog. With a little grooming plus lots of love, he’s now pretty charming.

Kelsey was found starving and infested with parasites. One day, she met a kind stranger who somehow convinced her to get into his car. Now, Kelsey has a home.

A dying dog was found abandoned on the street, suffering from mange. It had no human contact in a long time. After two months from being rescued, it was completely transformed.

Hudson was set on fire and used as a bait dong when he was a young pup. Fortunately, he was adopted and now has a wonderful home.

A starving dog who survived by eating twigs and rocks gets his happily ever after.

A puppy was left to die after falling into hot tar until one kind-hearted person heard the dog’s cry. After scrubbing the dog for 3 hours, the tar was finally removed.

This 2-year old girl is ready for her new life to begin after 2 pounds of mud and fur was shaved away.

Little Betty was abandoned by her owners. Once ashamed by her appearance, she is now ready for a new home.

Iggy was found barely alive in Mexico with a horrible eye infection. Someone uploaded a picture of him on Facebook. People were touched and donated money to transport the little dog to the U.S and treat his injury.

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